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Are you struggling with art?

Making art is really hard and confusing. There are a lot of tutorials about the technical aspects of making art, but very few about the mental struggles we all have. I'm running a workshop with Justin Donaldson to help with the mental struggles we go through to make art. We're going to help you feel more confident in what you're doing and the direction your art is headed in.

I'm sure you can relate:

  • you worry that you don't have a style

  • you struggle with motivation

  • you lost your sense of joy when creating, even though you once loved it

  • you worry that maybe other artists just have something *special* that you do not

  • you're trapped in an endless slog to improve. You feel like you'll always study but never make the work you want to make

  • you are paralysed by the number of paths you could take, by the amount you still have left to learn, or by how good other artists are. So you don't do anything.

  • you are currently (or often are) stuck in art block and want to find a way out.

If any of that feels familiar, we want to help you. We're bringing together a group of eager, thoughtful, and hard-working artists who are looking to dig below the surface and find their calling.

We've struggled to find our artistic voice, with knowing which route was right for us, with letting go of the expectations we have. We want to use what we've learned to help other artists avoid/overcome those same challenges.

  • 4 week coaching workshop beginning Jan 17th

  • weekly video lectures

  • weekly live hangout where we will answer your questions and work with you to help you find your direction in art

  • resources and assignments to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and apply what we learn to our work

  • community of like-minded creatives at your back

Click here to find out more about the course and to sign up today!

I really can't wait to start this course and begin working with you to make your artistic journey clearer, more fulfilling, more effective, and more enjoyable!


Find out more and sign up today!

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