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Calling all Character Artists- Portrait Lighting Compendium!

Hello there, art family!

I'm really excited about today's release. This is one of those heavy-hitting packs: simple but with endless possibilities, and likely one you'll return to throughout your career.

Learning how to light a portrait is an essential skill for anyone looking to create character art. Whether you are planning to study lighting inside out so you can construct your own lighting schemes, or you simply want an exhaustive resource you can refer back to as and when you need them, this pack has got your back (I'm sorry, once I got that in my head I couldn't get it out... ;_;).

This pack comes with 8 different lighting directions on 15 different head angles and will set you up to be able to paint a vast array of characters in all sorts of scenarios.

On top of that, you have the choice of two flexible options.

The Comprehensive pack (neutral, happy, shocked and grumpy for a total of 480 photos) is an all encompassing resource that not only shows all this lighting variety, but also demonstrates the effect of emotion and the way the lighting differs when the features are stretched and contorted.

Or, if you are more interested in the basics, you can grab just the Essentials (neutral only for a total of 120 photos) for less than a cup of coffee.

Just click here (or click the button below) to grab this pack.

Happy creating! <3

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