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I Made a Bundle!

I can't quite believe it, but this launch marks my 30th reference pack! It only feels like a couple of months ago that I nervously launched my first, fearful I might not be able to justify another. I'm so grateful for the role you've played in making that possible for me <3

To celebrate, I am launching my first bundle! I gathered up my 6 essential pose packs, and now you can buy all of them together for the cost of only 4. That means you get 2 for free!

These packs are the kind you'll keep coming back to. With their focus on anatomy and character, they'll be useful for everything from studies through to story-driven illustrations and character designs.

You can grab the bundle here or by clicking the button below. I'll see you next Thursday for reference pack number 31!

Get the Essentials Bundle!

👻Halloween Super Sale- 20-30% off all reference photos! 🕷

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Is that... new reference?! Goth Vibes available now! 🦇

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