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FREE Reference Bundle!

Hey there! I have a little present for you this morning...



I often encourage my followers on social media to use the promo images of my packs if they cannot afford to buy my full packs. Rather than have you squinting and using the low resolution versions on Instagram, I pulled together some of those promo images and today I am releasing the high resolution versions for free.

This bundle contains 105 images, with at least 2 images from every packs I've released so far (+ a few bonus packs I haven't released yet... see if you can spot them!). That means that you are getting over 40 packs of variety in here.

A Humble Request...

For those of you who can afford to support my work, a donation on this pack would mean the world to me (I value this pack at about $5, it's got SO MUCH VARIETY in there, but you're welcome to tip as much or as little as you like). I like making free resources and keeping my work accessible to as many people as possible, but it can be scary to surrender my income, and those of you who pay a little extra are directly supporting other artists by making them financially viable for me to make. BUT, please feel no obligation. If you want the pack for free, then go claim that pack for free without a moment's hesitation and consider it a very happy thank you for supporting my work <3.

Much love,


Free Reference, woop!

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