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Last chance to come hang out!

Clarity is officially live!!

While the course will remain available to join and complete at your own pace, today is your last chance to join up and be a part of a wonderful, supportive, excited community that will be going through it together! Having a network of peers going through the same lessons and challenges as you is invaluable to the learning experience, even if you're introverted. Together, we're creating a safe and thoughtful space where we can begin to delve into deep and tricky subjects and really propel ourselves forward.

We're already hard at work, watching this week's videos and starting on the assignment. The community is abuzz and we're getting excited to make some real changes this month.

There's still time to come and join us, and we'd love to have you! Simply click here, or use the button at the end of this email.

Hope so see you there!


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Would have appreciated the call-to-action or any copy in the email indicate that it costs $200 ... When I see "Join" or "come hang out" it feels like it's accessible to anyone when it's not :( I was excited too since I really enjoy Justin's work and was happy to see a collab here. Of course I have nothing against you both earning well deserved money. I think the wording just gave a different impression :') Good luck to you both and I hope many make the purchase.

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